Unique elegance and fashion tailored for the modern men.
CUT FOR MEN (C4M) is your one-stop shop for high quality, on-trend men’s clothing and underwear. Our collection will launch with a range of high-quality underwear for men inspired by the most recognized brands in the market. We have included our unique C4M touché by adding not only style and elegance, but functionality and comfort, all in one product.

Our main objective is to follow fashion trends while innovating to create new styles. Our priority is to deliver a unique experience to our customers by offering a product of superior quality using carefully chosen materials.

Our fabrics are among the most comfortable textiles out there; they adapt perfectly to each morphology and even after numerous washing cycles, they don’t shrink or lose their shape.

All bottoms feature a plush waistband, contoured pouch, ultra-soft and lightweight cotton, as well as comfort panels to increase well-being and added durability to the garment.

To complete the set, there are tops in four different styles: tank, crew neck, V-neck, and deep V-neck, to suit all personalities.

A unique proposition and one of our brand’s competitive advantages is the addition of a discreet built-in holder for a removable pad* in the front pouch. This added feature is for the briefs and boxer’s lines only.  The purpose of this pad is to preserve aesthetics, improve comfort and safeguard the immaculate side of the undergarment while providing a natural front enhancement look

Additionally, all our boxers and trunks offer a natural back lift system thanks to a pair of strategically placed seams in the back, which are visible from outside but imperceptible from the inside.

Boasting comfortable fabric, an elegant aesthetic, and front pouch multifunction technology, each piece is built with both well-being and style in mind. From sleek briefs to soft V-neck t-shirts, you won’t be able to resist this top of the line menswear collection.

A while ago, men's underwear was used only for hygienic reasons but today, in addition, it has become an indispensable item of fashion.


CUT FOR MEN is a brand created in 2018 by José Vargas.

José was born in Mexico, but lived in Australia, Hong Kong, traveled all around the USA and Europe and currently resides in the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur).

From his exposure to different cultures over the years, he learned new concepts and came up with new ideas. Living and learning from different cultures became a source of inspiration and shaped Jose’s philosophy. Jose is a fashion aficionado and entrepreneur. He has studied and learned from some of the greatest designers in the world and, inspired by them, his keen eye and creative spirit created new concepts and fashion ideas, perhaps ahead of his time. This is the credo behind CUT FOR MEN.

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